“glocal” architect

Amb estudi professional a l’Empordà i també a Barcelona (+RGN arquitectes) des d’on desenvolupem projectes locals i internacionals (Costa Brava, Barcelona, Portugal, Teheran, Durban, etc) tan de l’àmbit residencial com corporatiu. Apostem per una arquitectura amb caràcter que resolgui la seva funció particular i col·lectiva a través d’un disseny enginyós i responsable. Una arquitectura sensible i coherent, que optimitzi els recursos econòmics i constructius més adequats en cada obra.

Master in Architecture for ETSAB in Barcelona, I also studied in a Brussels and Rome. I've done many collaborations with other architectural offices (Carlos Ferrater in Barcelona, Estudio Lamela in Madrid,..) and Project management offices (Betlinski construction and promotion) before creating my own studio (initially: Cubus Taller d’Arquitectura untill 2013). Actually leading Project with an adaptable team for each Project dimension: Carla interiorism and rendering, Guillermo structures, Jaume engineering, Jaume graphic design, ..

Some awards

1st Prize AJAC (Young Architects of Catalan Official Organization) for the project A’Bodega (2015-2016)

1st prize of National prize Emporia de Oro for the exhibition “Chillida entre las formas” (2015)

1st prize Emergency Housing for “A-house” (2010)


Residential architecture
Interior renovations
Corporate design
Showroom, stands and stores
Ephemeral architecture
Project management works

Clients corporatius